Victorian Kiosk Kit

This kit is for personal use ONLY. Please do not copy, distribute, or sell any part of this design or the instructions without my permission. Pre-Cut & Digital Victorian Kiosk Kit @2022 Jacqueline Smith

Please read all instructions prior to beginning the project. Instructions are given for both the digital and pre-cut versions.

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Suggested Material List . . .

Cutting Guide…
Let’s get started…

Fold and Assemble the Walls

1. Fold the walls. Glue the door and the small lower trim that goes below it over one of the openings. Add the vellum. Cover some of windows will all of the vellum to indicate closed windows, while others use a shorter piece for the open windows.

2. Glue the body together before gluing on each of the square lower trim pieces. 

3. Add the bottom insert piece.

4. Add a thin line of glue along the top of the square lower trim, then add the shelf.

5. Add the upper trim pieces.

6. Glue on the long strips of trim at the bottom and top of the building. Trim off any excess.

7. Use a pen to curve each of the roof pieces. Curve the top away from you, and the bottom towards you, so the roof forms an “S”.

8. Glue each of the roof pieces together. It is best to let the glue set for each section before adding the next. 

9. Glue on the roof and sign. If desired, add a decorative bead on top of the roof.

Enjoy making your Victorian Kiosk! I would love to see your finished designs. Please share a photo with me by emailing me at


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