Using Grit Paste

I love to use stencils and grit paste to create 3D elements like a stone walkway or brick chimney. 

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Using the Grit Paste with a Stencil…

Tape your chimney or other building piece to the backside of your stencil using painter’s tape. If there are score lines on your kit piece, fold on the score lines BEFORE adding the grit paste.

Spread on the grit paste, then scrape off any excess, so that the grit paste is flush with the stencil. I find a palette knife or icing spatula works well for this.

Let the grit paste dry out so that is is still pliable but NOT all the way, or you will have difficulty removing the grit paste from your stencil. There is no exact time for this. It needs to dry out just enough that it maintains it shape. At this point carefully remove the stencil, then let your stenciled piece dry thoroughly. I tend to dry it over night. Trim off any excess grit paste.

Fold your piece carefully. Paint.

I used the same technique to make the stone walkway, except I cut curves out of  painter’s tape and taped it onto the base before I applied the grit paste. Once I removed the stencil, I then peeled off the painter’s tape to get the sharp edges. 

I would love to see your finished designs using stencils and grit paste.  Please share a photo with me by emailing me at


Examples for Inspiration

The brick façade of this building was made using grit paste and the Honey Bee Salvaged Brick Stencil. Building made by Meg Danforth.

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