Rose Arbor & Fence Kit

This kit is for personal use ONLY. Please do not copy, distribute, or sell any part of this design or the instructions without my permission. Rose Arbor & Fence Kit @2024 Jacqueline Smith

Before you start your new kit, think about how you will want to decorate it. You can paint the arbor, paint the arbor and glitter it, glitter just parts of the arbor like the roof, use the kit pieces as a guide to cut out decorative paper that you can glue onto the arbor, or just leave the arbor white for a modern look. If you leave any portion of the arbor as unpainted cardboard, I suggest spraying with a matte acrylic sealer like Krylon or Modge Podge Sealer.

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Suggested Material List . . .

Kit Pieces

Constructing the Arbor

1. Fold the rose arbor along the score lines. Glue a spacer bar inside each of the top posts of the arbor.

2. Glue the 2nd top post of the arbor on the inside on  top of each spacer bar. Glue the arbor side seam together

3. Glue the top lattice pieces together to make them double thick. Glue onto the top of the arbor.

Enjoy making your rose arbor!! I would love to see your finished design.  Please share a photo with me by emailing me at


Examples for Inspiration

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