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Custom Order From Real Building

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Note: It is too late to order a custom house for Christmas 2020 as I have accepted all the orders I can for this year. It is always best to place an order for a custom house early in the year if you want it by Christmas.

I will made a custom order of a real building. Before purchasing this listing, please contact me to discuss what you are looking for. I will need pictures from every angle if you want me to recreate an entire building.  Please indicate on your order form whether you want snow or no snow. Also, please indicate if you want me to size the building to fit in with an existing Christmas village. I will contact you to work out the dimensions to assure that this building will fit well with your village. I hand make these Putz style luminary houses out of textured recycled aluminum cans. All of them end up being unique with no two exactly alike. Each is numbered, dated and signed. Though they are reminiscent of the paper and glitter Putz houses, the aluminum construction ensures long term durability.

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Want a Putz style luminary cottage to represent a real place that has some particular significance to you? The pictures I have with this listing are of some of the custom buildings I have made. But please read the following carefully:

If you purchase this listing, please know the limitations. You will need to send me pictures of the building you want me to build. Also let me know if you want it to be in a summer or a winter setting. I will need to design it as well as build it, and designing is time consuming, with lots of mock ups out of paper before I start cutting cans. Give me 1 to 3 weeks to design and build your custom building. I will build a luminary roughly the size of the other luminaries I have listed. If you want a 10 room Cinderella’s castle, that would be an entirely different price.

I will also need to take some creative license. For the McSorley’s Old Ale House I built, the real building is actually a 5 story building in East Village Manhattan, New York, and has other buildings attached on both sides. By necessity, I made it into a 2 story stand alone building, but tried to duplicate the 1st floor façade. I imagined what the sides and back would look like if it was a stand alone building. Some real buildings, like Gus O’Connor’s Pub, just aren’t that colorful. The buyer wanted me to make it out of greens to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. Please let me know if you want your custom luminary in the real building colors, or in different can colors. Also remember that I am working with cans, which can pose some limitations on how intricate I can get.

After I design the 1st building, I will offer that design for sale, usually with different signs than on the real building. Note that my Village Pub luminaries came from these original custom designs. If you need more than one of the buildings you are asking me to design, you will be able to buy additional luminaries at the regular luminary price.

Each cottage comes with a battery operated flickering tealight candle and a separate base. At the request of several customers who have bought multiple cottages, I now make a small hole in the base for anyone who would like to string fairy lights under the bases to light multiple cottages.

Collect an entire village! Check back often as I am constantly designing new buildings.

It you purchase this custom design building, please allow 1-3 weeks for me to make it.

Photo of McSorley’s Old Ale House by By Leonard J. DeFrancisci, CC BY-SA 3.0

Photo of The Original Borza from Google Maps
I could not find attribution for the picture of Gus O’Connor’s Pub.

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  1. Ora Lynn

    I had 2 custom orders and both are above and beyond my hopes. They are fabulous!!!!

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