Miniature Village Ideas

I realized recently that most of the pictures sent to me are of individual buildings. While I love to add the pictures to the tutorial pages as inspiration for others, I long to see the buildings included in a village with other buildings and accessories. I decided to add this gallery page where I can share the pictures of villages that you send to me.

Requirements are simple:

  • At least one of the buildings in the village needs to be made from a pattern from my website.
  • Stage your village. Think about lighting and background to showcase your village in your picture(s). You may not have bases for your buildings and that is fine. Think of a location and arrangement which will make your buildings shine!
  • Your village does not have to be on a flat surface. Village wreaths or trees are great. The more creative the better!
  • Send me high resolution pictures. I will optimize them for the website. If the resolution is too low, we won’t be able to admire your village!
  • Add any additional information you would like me to post with your picture. This may include when you started your village, who you made it for, where it is displayed, or a list of your favorite designers or materials.
  • As you add to your village, send me updated pictures so we can all follow your village’s progress! I can either add to your pictures or replace them.
  • Closeups of the village are encouraged. I will post under the main picture of your village.

If I receive enough pictures, I will set up multiple pages with villages for different holidays or seasons. I am currently building three villages – Christmas, Halloween, and Spring/Summer.


Christmas Village by Jackie Smith

I usually add just one house to my Christmas Village each year, but in 2023 I added 3! Patterns for each of the buildings in my village can be found on this website. Top Row, Left to Right: Curved Portico, Mid-Century Modern, Sparrow House. Bottom Row, Left to Right: Gingerbread Tudor, Santa’s Workshop, Barn with Stables.

North Pole in the South by Donna Camacho

Donna writes: Living in the middle of South Carolina, this is as close to snow as I’m likely to get! It does happen, but it’s rare. This village was originally only going to be a few buildings, but, well, I just couldn’t stop! Most of these houses are from Stephen Leeds’ North Pole Village as hosted on A Cottage in the Forest, although a few are others’ designs. One of my favorites is Jackie’s Reindeer Stable. All are made with lightweight chipboard and either painted or covered with cardstock. The bases are foam insulation boards that I painted then coated with fake snow.

Santa has his sleigh loaded and the reindeer are getting ready to go, with Rudolph ready to lead the way. The polar bear cubs are living their best life in their custom built house of ice. With ice skating and sledding and snowball fights, the elves are having a grand time.

Christmas Village by Kim Sample

Kim made this village for her grandson and his girlfriend for Christmas. Each house has its own base and they’re covered with glitter paper on the top and Snow Tex around the edges.

Village in Progress by Marti Clayton

Marti writes: I’m working on Santa’s Village right now.  I’m having so much fun putting these buildings together. I’m using chipboard for the first time so will see how that goes!  I will eventually be putting them on a table on top of foam board and will be decorating it with walkways, grass, flowers and more. I’ll definitely send you pics of the finished village.

Village in Progress by Donna Camacho

Donna states: There are only two empty “lots” in this little neighborhood. I wonder what/who will move in next?

Village by Linda Roxgurgh

That is all I have for now! As more people send my pictures of their villages I will continue to update this page.


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