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I have a constantly fluctuation list of items I want to design. My list shifts with the season, requests, and sometimes my mood. Frequently, when I am researching one design I will see other designs I add to my list. This happened last month when I was looking at pictures of arbors for inspiration for my Rose Arbor, and saw several swing arbors. About the same time I received a request for a porch swing. It made sense to design the two together.

I found dimensions for both the swing arbor and the porch swing online, and made both to scale. However, I quickly found that none of the porches on the buildings I have designed, with the exception of the Gabled Octagon House, are deep enough to fit my porch swing. So I am already having to look ahead to designing a building with a deeper porch.

This Is How You Make the Garden Swings

Size of the finished porch swing in S Scale will be approximately  1 1/4″ W x 3/4″ D x 1 5/8″ H.

Size of the finished swing arbor in S Scale will be approximately  2″ W x 1 7/16″ D x 1 3/4″ H.


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The Garden Swings Specific Materials

  • My free pattern for the Garden Swings from the A Cottage in the Forest Library. Design #89. Get the password for free by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

Favorite Materials Supply List

How To Make The Garden Swings

Download the Garden Swings Pattern

Download the Garden Swings pattern from A Cottage in the Forest Library. It is design #89. Don’t forget to unzip it. The pattern is available in multiple formats – as a SVG (scalable vector graphics), DXF (drawing eXchange format), as a studio3 file for Silhouette, or PDF file. I now include a 1″ square in with all of my SVG files. Scale the pattern so that the square is 1″ to make the Garden Swings in the size they were designed. Of course the wonderful thing about SVG files is that you can easily scale them to make your rose arbor whatever size you would like.

Import the Garden Swings into Design Software and Cut

As of this blog post, a Cricut Design Space update broke the attached score lines. You will need to go through the pattern in Design Space and change the score lines to Score and then attach them to their object.

Here is a great tutorial from Jennifer Maker’s website on attaching score lines. I have started making all of my score lines red so that you can tell that they are intended to be score lines.

Cut out all of your pieces using my pattern.

Make The Garden Swings

Fold the swing arbor along the score lines, and the seat along its score line. I provide two different seat patterns for you to choose from.

The swing is made the same way for both the porch swing and the swing arbor. however the swing sides for the swing arbor are taller. Place glue along one swing side and glue on the seat. When the glue is dry, glue on the second side

Porch Swing

Glue one end of the swing frame bottom bar to the swing frame. Let dry. Glue to the second swing frame.

I place the swing frame between two paint bottles to keep the sides straight white the glue dries.

Slide the bottom of the swing bar through the holes in the swing frame and swing side. Repeat on the other side. I placed a dot of glue on each side of the swing bar where it touches the swing frame. This adds strength to the swing frame while still allowing the swing to swing freely.

Swing Arbor

Glue the sides of the swing arbor together.

Glue a spacer bar into the middle of each of the 2nd Top Bars. Glue each of these onto the outside top bars of the arbor.

Glue the extra strengthening bar onto the back of the swing bar. Glue to the sides of the arbor, centering the bar, and gluing the top of the bar flush with the side top. Place the swing onto the swing bar.

Glue the two arbor lattices together and glue onto the top of the arbor.

That’s it! Enjoy adding the Garden Swings to your Holiday Village! I would love to see pictures of your village using the Garden Swings. Please share photos with me by emailing me at



Download the Garden Swings


Get the password for the library with the free Garden Swings pattern and SVG/DXF/Studio3/PDF files here by filling out this form:

If you have any trouble subscribing please contact me at

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