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The Country Cottage was the first house I designed myself, so it seemed appropriate that it would be the first building pattern I offered. It has long remained one of my favorites. I originally cut the design by hand, then graduated to using Cricut Design Space once I got my Cricut Maker. Now that I have learned how to make SVG files I can share the pattern with you. Included with the SVG file in my library is a PDF pattern as well as a DXF file.

Over time the pattern has changed as I learned more about house styles and the characteristics that define those styles. With the Country Cottage, I specifically changed the window and chimney styles. Below is the first Country Cottage that I made.

Country Cottage #1 aluminum can house

This Is How You Make the Country Cottage

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Country Cottage Pattern Materials

Steps to Make the Country Cottage

  • Download the Country Cottage pattern from A Cottage in the Forest library
  • Cut out the pattern – I use my Cricut Maker
  • Texture the pieces (necessary if using aluminum cans.) I use my Sizzix Bigkick
  • Glue on window and door trim
  • Attach vellum windows
  • Assemble the house structure
  • Make base and decorate as desired

How To Make The Country Cottage

Download the Country Cottage Pattern

First, download the Country Cottage pattern from A Cottage in the Forest Library. Don’t forget to unzip it. The pattern is available in multiple formats – as a SVG (scalable vector graphics) , DXF (drawing eXchange format) or PDF file. Use the Country_Cottage.svg and Country_Cottage_Vellum.svg files if you have a Cricut Explorer, Cricut Maker or a Silhouette Cameo. If you only have the Silhouette Basic edition, use the DXF files. I have included a svg with dotted lines if you have a Brother Scan-n-cut machine. Lastly, I have included PDF files if you are going to cut out the pattern by hand. The PDF has measuring lines as some printers reduce the size of the PDF when you print them. Currently, I do not have a Silhouette or Brother Machine to test the files. If you have problems using those files please let me know so I can troubleshoot what might be going wrong.

If you are using a Cricut machine, don’t forget to change the solid scorelines in Cricut Design Space from cut to score and attach them to their shapes before sending them through your cutting machine. The score lines are the set of lines included with each house shape. There are seven different house shapes where you need to change the score lines and attach them. The score line on the door frame is just a decoration. You will not bend on that score line.

Country Cottage Design Space
Cricut Design Space

Cut Out the Pattern

Cut out all of your cardstock, cardboard or aluminum can pieces using my pattern. If you are using cardboard and don’t intend to paint or glitter your building, you might want to cut out each piece a second time from decorative papers which you can then glue to the cardboard. Cut the window vellum pieces also.

Texture The Pieces

If desired, texture each of the house shapes using your embossing machine and texture folders. I have found this is a necessity for the house walls and roof when using aluminum cans. I don’t always texture the window and door trim, but I do run them through my machine sandwiched between cutting pads to flatten them. There are a few embossing folders that work very well with architectural design that I use more than others. These include the Sizzix Texture Fades Stripes Embossing Folder, the Darice Embossing Folder: Brick Wall Pattern, Kwan Crafts Brick Wall Plastic Embossing Folder and the Kwan Crafts Brick Wall Plastic Embossing Folder (this is different pattern from the 1st Kwan Crafts folder)

If you are making your Country Cottage out of cardboard, this is when you would either glue on your decorative papers or paint each of your pieces. Once your paint is dry, apply a layer of clear glue and glitter if you are making a traditional glitter house. Lucy Foxworth of Paper Glitter Glue suggests folding along the score lines before you paint. Lucy explores multiple ways to paint and texture your cardboard house at her blog.

Country Cottage texture with embossing folder

Glue On Window And Door Trim

Use the correct glue for your medium to glue on all of the window and door trims. You can add them after you put the building together, but it is much easier to add while the walls are flat.

Add window trim to the Country Cottage

Attach Vellum Windows

Use the 1/8″ double sided adhesive tape to attach the vellum window pieces to the inside of the building pieces. Once again, this is much easier while the walls are flat. You could use glue to attach the velum instead, but if you use too much (easy to do) it can bleed into your window space and ruin the look. Sign and date the inside of your work now too. Fold along the score lines.

Add vellum windows to Country Cottage

Assemble The House Structure

Glue the tabs on the front and back pieces of the house together. Do not glue on the piece with the front door. I use plastic binder clips to hold the pieces together while the glue dries.

Glue together front and back of Country Cottage

Add the main roof, centering the roof on the building. The cutout part of the roof should be above the front door. The cutout will allow light from your tea candle to shine out through the window above the front door.

Glue the piece of the building that includes the door onto the front wall. It will fit between the cutout of the roof. Then glue the smaller roof piece on top of the door piece. Finally, fold the chimney into a square and glue together using the tab. Glue onto the roof.

Finished Country Cottage

Make Base and Decorate As Desired

For the Country Cottage I start with a rectangle of aluminum 3 7/8 inches wide by 4 1/8 inches deep. I cut a small circle under where the cottage will sit, then texture the base and turn under 1/4 inch on each side. This allows me to string fairy lights under the bases of the different buildings in my village. I then used various cutting dies with my BIGKick to decorate the base.

If you decide to add snow to your house, you can either glue on some glitter, or cut out glitter tape and attach to the roof. I buy iron on white glitter vinyl and iron it on to aluminum that I then cut out. Remember to add your roof line snow before you glue on the chimney. I have now included patterns for snow and icicles with the Country Cottage pattern.

If you are using a Cricut machine, don’t forget to change the solid scorelines in Cricut Design Space from cut to score and attach them to their shapes before sending them through your cutting machine. The score lines are the set of lines included with each snow shape. There are two different snow shapes where you need to change the score lines and attach them.

Enjoy making the Country Cottage! I would love to see your finished design. Please share a photo of it with me by emailing me at or tagging me (@acottageintheforest) on Instagram

Glitter Country Cottage by Ann Humphrey Woods
Glitter Country Cottage by Victoria Gushman

Glitter Country Cottage by Meg Danforth
Cardstock Country Cottage by Teri Hanson
Country Cottage by Maureen Wendy Mantell Carlson
Country Cottage by Chery Sablotny
Country Cottage made with recycled frozen food boxes by Jim Earl
Country Cottage with debossed pattern by LeAndra Miller
Country Cottage Advent Calendar by Denise Knudson Town
Country Cottage by Ali


Download the Country Cottage Pattern

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