Welcome to the Library of A Cottage in the Forest!

This is where I keep my downloadable files and patterns for you.  I will constantly add patterns for more buildings and embellishments so you can add to your village. There is no charge for any of the files within the library. Please do not copy or share my patterns with anyone.  Instead, send them to my website so they can sign up and download their own copies. If you already have the password, click here to enter the library where you will enter your password, or in the heart below. You must enter the password exactly, with capitalization and spaces exactly as it is sent to you, and without adding additional spaces at the beginning or the end of the password.
My Pattern Library is open to everyone for free.  All you need is the password to enter. You can sign up for the newsletter below and you will get the password emailed to you immediately. Save the email so you can enter the library the next time you visit.  The password is also included at the bottom of each of my newsletters.

Get Access to My Free Pattern Library

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Please remember to send me pictures of the items you make from my patterns!

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