Halloween Kit

This kit is for personal use ONLY. Please do not copy, distribute, or sell any part of this design or the instructions without my permission. Pre-Cut Halloween Accessories @2021 Jacqueline Smith

Before you start your new kit, think about how you will want to decorate it. You can paint the accessories, paint the accessories and glitter them, glitter just some of the accessories, use the kit pieces as a guide to cut out decorative paper that you can glue onto the accessories, or just leave the accessories bare for a a modern look. If you leave any portion of the accessories as unpainted cardboard, I suggest spraying with a matte acrylic sealer like Krylon or Modge Podge Sealer.

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Suggested Material List . . .

Kit Pieces

I vary the tombstones, witch, ghost and pumpkins, so yours may look different.

Constructing the Tree

Tutorial on how to construct the tree can be found here. I chose to glitter just the owl and the raven, and then draped a little moss collected from my back yard in the branches to look like Spanish Moss. Around the roots, I brushed on Modge Podge, then sprinkled dried used coffee grounds to look like dirt.

A tutorial on how to use grit paste to make the stone walkway can be found here.

Graves & Tombstones

Like the “dirt” around the base of the tree, my graves are made with used dried coffee grounds. I left the grounds outside several days in the sun to make sure they were thoroughly dry and did not mold. I then made the graves by mixing together the grounds and tacky glue, and then molding it into the shapes I desired.

For the tombstones I first painted with grey paint, then daubed a little white paint on top of it. When dry, I brushed on the Triple Thick Glaze. This gives the headstones a marble appearance. I have in the past glittered my headstones using a mixture of black and white glitter. This gives the stone more of a granite appearance.


I glittered my bats, then glued thin wires to the backs so they could “fly” out of the chimney. 

A tutorial on how to use grit paste to make the brick chimney can be found here.

Other Accessories

For the rest of the accessories I used either paint or glitter, or a combination of the two. I include a shimmer vinyl cutout of each pumpkin for your use if desired. For the 3 pumpkins above, I used metallic paint (L), glitter (M) and the shimmer vinyl sticker (R).

Enjoy making your Halloween Accessories!! I would love to see your finished designs.. Please share a photo with me by emailing me at Jackie@acottageintheforest.com.


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