Garden Walls with Lamps Kit

This kit is for personal use ONLY. Please do not copy, distribute, or sell any part of this design or the instructions without my permission. Pre-Cut & Digital Garden Walls with Lamps Kit @2022 Jacqueline Smith

Please read all instructions prior to beginning the project. Instructions are given for both the digital and pre-cut versions.

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Suggested Material List . . .


Cutting Guide…
Let’s get started…

Fold and Assemble the Walls

1. Fold the walls. If you are going to add texture paste to make stone or brick walls, add it before gluing the walls together.

2. Glue the wall between the two posts, and glue on the post tops.

Assemble the Lamp

3. Fold and glue together the lamp top. Fold the lamp sides, then glue vellum onto the back. Glue the vellum into the back of the lamp while it is folded instead of flat, otherwise it will gap when you fold it. 

4. Fold the lamp sides into a square. Fold and glue the lamp post.

5. Glue together the bottom of the lamp. I suggest applying glue and using your fingers to fold all of the tabs into place at once. The bottom should be flat with just enough space for the lamp pole. Glue the lamp pole in place.

6. Glue the lamp pole into the hole in the post top. Depending on the thickness of your material, you may need to make the hole a little larger with your craft knife. I have made the post long enough that you can decide if you want a short or tall post. Glue the wall railing to the top of the wall.


Cutting Guide…
Let’s get started…

Fold and Assemble the Base. 

1. The score lines on the base, particularly for the lamp pole, are very close together. I suggest scoring them deeper, then using a straight edge like a ruler to help fold them. I often use a jewelry plier to grasp the cardstock and help me fold it.

2. Glue together the lamp pole.

3. Glue together the base. I suggest gluing it into a square and then using your fingers to fold all of the tabs into place. If you have trouble holding them all together, glue one side at a time making sure you press firmly against the lamp pole. Don’t forget to add a dab of glue to the tabs at the bottom of the lamp pole where it enters the base. Once I glued all of the sides together, I inserted a skewer from the bottom to help push each of those tabs tight against the sides of the base.

4. Glue on the bottom piece with the hole. 

Assemble the Lamp

5. Follow the direction for the lamps in the instructions above. Glue the lamp onto your lamp pole. The hole in the base and the lamp posts are large enough to accommodate the doubled fairy light wire so you can push the little fairy light to the top of the pole. This lamp style also fits the square base from the Street Lamps Kit.

Alternative Globe Lamps

If you would prefer globe lamps, you can use the plastic globes from Metaku Globe String Lights

Each globe is glued to its string light with a dab of hot glue. Wiggle the globe to pull off the string light, then use a pin to remove any glue still left in the globe. There is a plastic collar at the bottom to the globe that I easily cut off with my Exacto saw before gluing onto the top of the wall.

You get a different look to the garden and street lamps depending on whether you cut the collar off the globe or not.

Enjoy making your Garden Walls with Lamps! I would love to see your finished designs. Please share a photo with me by emailing me at


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