3D Park & Garden Benches

This week someone in one of the Putz House Facebook groups asked for a bench to go with a building they had made. I couldn’t remember if the person asked for a park bench or a garden bench, so I made both! The sides of each bench are interchangeable, and since I couldn’t decide which seat I made for the garden bench I liked best, I included all four.

These patterns can be cut out of Kraft Board, though I also really liked the look of the 100 lb. cover cardstock. Of course they are even more fun made out of aluminum cans!

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3D Evergreen Trees

Trees add interest to your holiday village, and 3D trees add depth. You can glue them onto your bases, or scatter them around between your houses. Many people like to use pre-made sisal trees. While you can get them in various sizes, every tree looks the same to me. I want more variety. So I started to make 3D trees by taking 2D tree cutting dies and folding and gluing them together. They are super simple to make and I like the look I get from them.

If you subscribe to Cricut Access you will find many different tree patterns you can use. You will just need to add your own score lines. Not everyone subscribes to Access, however, and each cutting die you buy only gives you one shape and size. I decided to make a few free 3D evergreen tree SVGs that you can use to add to your village. I’ll keep adding more trees with every season.

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3D Sleds Pinterest Pins

3D Sleds

I wanted to finish decorating my Jolly Farmhouse. I’ve added Christmas lights under the eaves, a street light, and a couple of wreaths with bows. I often add a snowman to my winter houses, but decided a couple of sleds carelessly left in the yard would be appropriate for a farmhouse. I went looking on Cricut Access, but the sleds were all 2D. On Etsy, the only non-Santa 3D sled pattern I could find was $5! I think it is designed to be a large table centerpiece, not a small sled for a holiday village. So I designed my own. These are very easy to make.

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Take-Out Embellishments

3D Take-Out Embellishments

When I first started making my Christmas village I only had the original Tim-Holtz dies. All I could vary were the colors. It wasn’t until I found dies for embellishments like trees, fences and animals that I could let my creativity run wild. The addition of an electronic cutting machine opens up an unlimited number of 2D embellishments. Yet it is the 3D embellishments that really makes your Christmas Village come to life.

Last week I shared the pattern for a Fish & Chips shop that could easily be adapted to be a burger joint, deli or taqueria. This week I am sharing the patterns for all of the 3D embellishments that make the Take-Out restaurant so much fun: picnic benches with either an open or partially closed patio umbrella, litter or recycle cans, planters, and the soda or beer sign you can glue onto the front of your take-out restaurant.

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