The Fairy House Collection

When Lucy asked me to design a fairy house for her Whimsical Fairy House Challenge, I decided that no fairy village was complete without at least one shop. So besides designing Viola Cottage, I also designed the Forest Fairy Bakery, which you can find in a bundle that Lucy is now offering for sale through her website called The Fairy House Collection – Fairy Houses for All Seasons. I have never participated in a collaboration like this before so I am quite excited! 

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Introducing Putz House Monthly

Also, wherein I make my first cardboard house and glitter it! Instructions and supplies on how to glitter your own Putz house below.

A few months ago, I met Teri Hanson of The Covered Chipboard through an online Facebook group. Teri also designs Putz-style buildings, and back in October I reviewed her pattern for the Halloweenie Town Dead Inn. Teri approached me with the idea for a joint venture to produce high quality Putz-style kits for people who do not have cutting machines. Shortly thereafter we decided to also offer SVGs of the patterns for people who want to cut their own. Teri’s vision was for us to take turns to produce original and exclusive patterns that would be different than any of the kits or patterns you can find on Etsy. Thus Putz House Monthly was born. Each month we will take turns designing a house or a shop building. The building will be available for only that month, and then the kit or the pattern will be retired for at least a year. Though each of the kits or patterns can be purchased on a monthly basis, we also offer 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions. Only with the 12 month subscription can you have access to any of the previous months kits and patterns. At the end of 2021, we will have produced 6 houses and 6 shops that YOU will have built and decorated for your village.

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