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Make Your Own Flower Cart

I have been wanting to make more accessory items for my village, but this month’s pattern was actually driven by my other hobby, beading. I love to bead ornaments, and have designed my own in the past, but prefer how relaxing it is to use other designer’s patterns. About a year ago I discover the designer Julie Glasser (JulRiDesign on Etsy) and have been making my way through her patterns. She has designed a series of miniature beaded plants in pots and urns, and I decided they would look better in a scene than as ornaments for my tree. I bought myself a little domed terrarium, then decided I needed a flower cart for my smaller potted plants.

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3D Beach Accessories

I finally made a few 3D beach accessories to go with the Beach House pattern I published last August. I began by thinking about what items I would take with me if I was to go hang out at the beach. A towel, sunscreen, and my phone loaded with an audiobook is probably all I would need, though I would search out a palm tree to sit under as I burn easily. The audiobook isn’t really necessary as the sound of the waves at the beach always lull me to sleep within minutes. Ack, that wasn’t enough, so I threw in a beach chair for my husband, a beach umbrella in case there weren’t any palm trees to sit under, and then a couple of surf boards just because I knew they would look good leaning against the Beach House platform, not because I have ever surfed. I am sure if I had ever tried I would have needed the life preserver.

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Guest Designer Cheryl Sablotny: Mary’s Greenhouse

Last month Cheryl shared her Attached Greenhouse with all of us. This month, Cheryl has designed a freestanding greenhouse she named Mary’s Greenhouse.
Cheryl used a stencil and texture paste for the trim, floor and stepping stones. We are still working on an accessories blog post to complement the greenhouses which should be available shortly. Besides the few accessories I am designing, like the wheelbarrow in Cheryl’s pictures below, Cheryl will also share some of her landscaping ideas.

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Guest Designer Cheryl Sablotny: Add An Attached Greenhouse

I hope that you are as excited as I am to have Cheryl back as a guest designer! I was afraid I had exhausted her after her design of Moss Lodge, but she has actually been designing additional patterns faster than I can keep pace. I need to find her a class on learning Inkscape.

This is the first of two greenhouses that Cheryl has designed. The second one will be for a freestanding greenhouse. Since I had greenhouses on my list of future items to design, I was very happy when she decided to make them. I am wondering how much more of my list I can casually suggest to her. Ahem… church…schoolhouse…bait shop on wharf…

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3D Mailboxes

While I have been steadily working on models and tutorials for more house designs, I also have several other models I have previously made that I need to finish landscaping. For one of them I wanted a US Mail drop box. While I thought I could cut one out by hand fairly quickly, I realized that it might be an accessory other people would want for their village, particularly if you made Teri Hanson’s Post Office that she designed for Putz House Monthly. You can’t have a Post Office without mail drop boxes out front!

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3D Street Lamp

Every once in a while, someone writes me with a specific request. If it is for a building , I put it on my very long list of to-dos. If it is for a village accessory, I give more thought to bumping it up the list. About three weeks ago I got a request for a 3D street lamp. My first thought was that I could make one using the slot method I have been using for the trees. I played around with a couple of designs but wasn’t too excited. There are battery operated street lamp sets made by Lemax that you can add to your holiday village. I too wanted to make street lamps that would light up.

I ruminated on it for a while, cut a whole bunch of patterns that didn’t work, and then suddenly it clicked. I made a lamp post that is hollow, so you can push fairy lights up into the lamp. Run the fairy lights under the bases, and suddenly you have a Main Street lit from one end to the other!

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3D Evergreen Trees II

After making the patterns for the 3D Leafy Trees this summer using the slot method, I decided that I needed to update my prior patterns for 3D Evergreen trees to use the same method. I ended up updating 3 of the previous patterns and making 2 new patterns. As we head towards fall I hope to make more winterscapes, and I like to use evergreen trees for winter villages.

Since I’ve broken my arm and can’t use more than the tips of my fingers, I also had to come up with models I could do one-handed. At least I thought I could do these one-handed, but even holding them in my left fingertips as I tugged down the slots with my right hand ended up being too much stress on my left arm for now. I do want to make a set of spooky trees for Halloween, but may need to wait until someone can help me make the models.

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3D Leafy Trees

Trees add interest to your holiday village, and 3D trees add depth. You can glue them onto your bases, or scatter them around between your houses. Many people like to use pre-made sisal trees. While you can get them in various sizes, every tree looks the same to me. I want more variety. So I started to make 3D trees by taking 2D tree cutting dies and folding and gluing them together. This time I tried experimenting with a slot method with leafy trees, and for the most part it works well.

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