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Make Your Own Rose Arbor

When I designed my Rose Cottage pattern several months ago, I knew I wanted to decorate it with climbing roses. At the time, I only had a few rose bushes, but I found a package of rose vines on Amazon. Even though they say HO Scale, I actually think they are perfect for the S Scale I use to make my village.

The package comes with 6 rose vines, 3 red and 3 pink. I used one of them to climb up the side of the building on the trellis from my Greenhouse Accessories. I got the idea from Donna Camacho’s version of Rose Cottage. I hadn’t even remembered that I had made a trellis!

I decided to make a Rose Arbor and fence to use two more of the rose vines. Of course I have already decided that I would like to make another house with a wisteria covered arbor. So far I haven’t found anything in the right scale. I will probably need to learn how to make my own.

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Fence Patterns

Last year I decided that I needed one post that included all of my shingle patterns so that they were easy to find. Recently I realized that I should do the same with all of my fence patterns. Until I started compiling the fence patterns for this post, I hadn’t realized I had made so many! Unlike with shingle patterns, there are unlimited variations of fence patterns. As I continue to add additional fence patterns, I suspect I will need a second post, but for now this file includes the 12 fence patterns I have published in my house patterns up until now, plus two additional picket fence patterns. Look at the PDF I include with the SVG file for a quick visual of the fence patterns available to you.

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Make Your Own Viola Cottage

My friend Lucy Foxworth of Paper Glitter Glue decided to have another challenge and asked me to design some buildings for it. This time the challenge is a Whimsical Fairy House Challenge. Lucy is releasing a different fairy house design every day for 12 days. I have committed to making two fairy house designs.

I decided for the first of my buildings to give Sparrow House a fairy remodel. I knew I wanted to add flowers to my roof, and decided on violas as there are so many color combinations to choose from. For anyone who prefers pansies to violas, I include a pansy pattern too.

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Make Your Own Stone & Brick Arch Stencils

My friend Lucy Foxworth of Paper Glitter Glue has just announced her Whimsical Fairy House Challenge where she will post 12 different designs from May 5th to May 16th. I have committed to making two of the designs, and the first one I finished designing I used stone arches on my model. I searched all over the internet for a stone arch stencil design that I could use, and finally gave up and made my own. Then while discussing my pattern with Cheryl, who often tests my patterns for me, she expressed an interest in making the arches out of brick instead of stone. Hence I have included a brick arch design.

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Make Your Own Rose Cottage

I wanted to make another easy beginner cottage this month. While looking through pictures of simple houses on Pinterest together for inspiration, my friend showed me this house, as she loved the porch and curved railing. I loved how it was so cheery looking, and reminded me of spring! I named it Rose Cottage not only for the color of the house, but also as I envision roses growing up the side of the house and along the curved railings.

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Make Your Own Flower Cart

I have been wanting to make more accessory items for my village, but this month’s pattern was actually driven by my other hobby, beading. I love to bead ornaments, and have designed my own in the past, but prefer how relaxing it is to use other designer’s patterns. About a year ago I discover the designer Julie Glasser (JulRiDesign on Etsy) and have been making my way through her patterns. She has designed a series of miniature beaded plants in pots and urns, and I decided they would look better in a scene than as ornaments for my tree. I bought myself a little domed terrarium, then decided I needed a flower cart for my smaller potted plants.

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Make Your Own Village Cafe

I thought it was time for another shop for our village. I saw a picture of a cute two-dimensional computer drawn building and decided to imagine how it would look as a 3D building.

I also decided to do something a little different this time. With Easter fast approaching, I thought it would be fun to make a building that could also double as a gift box. Thus I made the roof of this cafe so that it does not need to be glued down to stay on, and can be removed at any time. If you want to make your cafe into a gift box, use the solid Putz Bottom.

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Make Your Own Gull Cottage

Ever wonder how I get the ideas for the buildings I design? I search both Google and Pinterest for pictures of buildings I would like to build, and save the ones I like in Pinterest boards. While I prefer to be inspired by real buildings, I’ve used sketches and even computer or AI art to inspire me. This month I received a suggestion that I modify Cheryl’s Place to add a bay window in the front on the first floor, with a balcony on top of it.

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Make Your Own Santa’s Workshop

After I made my Barn with Stables (Reindeer Stables) earlier this year, I knew that I wanted to make a Santa’s Workshop to go with it. I started researching Santa Claus villages for inspiration, and landed on Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, Finland. There are a lot of very interesting buildings, but I decided to use the Christmas House where you can see Santa year round as the inspiration for my Santa’s Workshop. I wanted a large window so you could see into Santa’s Workshop, thus I made the building wing on the left two stories instead of one. For anyone who has no interest in making Santa’s Workshop, I thought the building would also make an interesting department store.

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Shingle Patterns

Earlier this month I held a Halloween House class at a local store. One of the participants was making my new Sparrow House and wanted to add shingles. There isn’t time during the class, but I referred them to my website and told them they could find shingle patterns there and cut them by hand and add them at home. Once I got home, I realized that while I had included shingle patterns in several of my house patterns, they weren’t that easy to find. I decided that I needed one post that included all of my shingle patterns.

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