Make Your Own Hiorne Tower

This is the first of the patterns I am making at Lucy Foxworth’s request for her Make A Castle Challenge. Time permitting, I will release three patterns: Hiorne Tower, a tower or castle with a round tower, and a fancy church. Lucy will be sharing her trick for making round towers during her video this week and I didn’t want to get ahead of her, so I decided this first pattern would have hexagonal or octagonal towers. After an internet search, I decided on both.

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How To Make A Partially Revealed Brick Tudor

When I shared my post with the Gingerbread Tudor, I showed two different ways to paint the Tudor house. During my quest for inspiration for the design of my first Tudor house, I saw a few pictures of very old real buildings with partially revealed brick exteriors and decided that I wanted to replicate the look. I hope to design more Tudor houses in the future and want to explore different ways of painting and decorating them. While I am going to use the Gingerbread Tudor pattern for my model, the same techniques can be used with any pattern.

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