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I wanted to finish decorating my Jolly Farmhouse. I’ve added Christmas lights under the eaves, a street light, and a couple of wreaths with bows. I often add a snowman to my winter houses, but decided a couple of sleds carelessly left in the yard would be appropriate for a farmhouse. I went looking on Cricut Access, but the sleds were all 2D. On Etsy, the only non-Santa 3D sled pattern I could find was $5! I think it is designed to be a large table centerpiece, not a small sled for a holiday village. So I designed my own. These are very easy to make.

How You Make the 3D Sleds

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Materials to Make 3D Sleds

  • My free pattern for the 3D Sleds from the A Cottage in the Forest Library – get the password for free by filling out the form at the bottom of this page
  • Cardstock, Patterned Cardstock, or aluminum cans – your choice! I think the sleds would be too stiff in cardboard. If you do decide to use cardboard, use thin carboard. Buy solid core cardstock if possible. Otherwise you will need to color your edges with a sharpie.
  • If desired, use Ranger Distress Inks to give your cardtock more variations in color.
  • Glue – If using cardstock, I suggest Art Glitter Glue. For aluminum cans, I use Aleene’s The Ultimate Glue.
  • A Cutting Machine like a Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore or X-Acto knife or Cricut TrueControl Knife. I know the Cricut TrueControl knife looks expensive next to an X-Acto knife. I have both on my work desk, the X-Acto for aluminum cans and the TrueControl Knife for cardstock and cardboard. I really like the TrueControl knife because the blade doesn’t twist loose while you are working. I am constantly having to tighten my X-Acto knife.
  • If using a Cricut Maker, I like using a Scoring Stylus instead of a scoring wheel. It creates deeper lines.
  • Bone folder (optional – for cardstock) A bone folder helps you make sharp folds when you are using cardstock or cardboard.

Steps to Make the 3D Sleds

How To Make The 3D Sleds

Download the 3D Sleds Pattern

Download the 3D Sleds pattern from A Cottage in the Forest Library. Don’t forget to unzip it. The pattern is available in multiple formats – as a SVG (scalable vector graphics), DXF (drawing eXchange format) or PDF file. Currently, I do not have a Silhouette or Brother Machine to test the corresponding files. If you have problems using those files please let me know so I can troubleshoot what might be going wrong.

Import the 3D Sleds Pattern into Design Software and Cut

You no longer need to worry about changing and attaching the score lines if you use Cricut Design Space!

Cut out all of your cardstock or aluminum can pieces using my pattern. For the seat that is supposed to look like slats, you may have to use your X-Acto or TrueControl knife to push the cut pieces out.

Fold and Glue Your Sleds Together!

Glue the front and the back of the rails together for each sled. Fold.

Glue the steering piece on to the front of the sled that has 3 cross pieces.

Glue the seats on, and add some string or wire through the front holes of the sled where the rails curl up. I used 28 gauge enameled copper wire.

Enjoy adding your 3D Sleds to your Holiday Village! I hope to add some toboggans and saucers and a sledding hill to my village at some point. I would love to see pictures of your village using the sleds. Please share a photo of it with me by emailing me at Jackie@acottageintheforest.com.


Download the 3D Sleds Pattern

Get the password for the library with the free 3D Sleds pattern and SVG/DXF/PDF files here by filling out this form:

If you have any trouble subscribing please contact me at jackie@acottageintheforest.com

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