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On this website my goal is to give you everything you need to make your own Halloween or Holiday Village using whatever materials are at your disposal. You can make your cottages out of recycled aluminum cans, cardstock or cardboard. This site offers unique free patterns, as well as reviews, links and sizing guides to patterns offered by other sources. We will explore various ways to add snow and windows. I also offer accessories like trees, fences, animals and mailboxes that will make your village come to life. 

For anyone who doesn’t want to make their own cottages, I also offer a limited number of buildings that I have made out of my personal favorite material, recycled aluminum cans.

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3D Sleds

I wanted to finish decorating my Jolly Farmhouse. I've added Christmas lights under the eaves, a street light, and a couple of wreaths with bows. I often add a snowman to my winter houses, but decided a couple of sleds carelessly left in the yard would be appropriate for a farmhouse. I went looking on Cricut Access, but the sleds were all 2D. On Etsy, the only non-Santa 3D sled pattern I could find was $5! I think it is designed to be a large table centerpiece, not a small sled for a holiday village. So I designed my own. These are very easy to make.

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Pinterest Pin Picture for Jolly Farmhouse

Make Your Own Jolly Farmhouse

A couple of weeks ago I promised to remake the Halloween farmhouse as a Winter Holiday Farmhouse. Everything always seems to take me longer than expected, but hopefully you will like one of the reasons why: I have learned how to make SVG patterns that import into Cricut Design Space with the score lines as score lines instead of cut lines, and with those score lines already attached to their shapes! This not only makes patterns so much easier for you to make, but also for me to design as I no longer have to make separate files with solid and dashed lines. It was a bit of a learning...

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