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On this website my goal is to give you everything you need to make your own Halloween or Holiday Village using whatever materials are at your disposal. You can make your cottages out of recycled aluminum cans, cardstock or cardboard. This site offers unique free patterns, as well as reviews, links and sizing guides to patterns offered by other sources. We will explore various ways to add snow and windows. I also offer accessories like trees, fences, animals and mailboxes that will make your village come to life. 

For anyone who doesn’t want to make their own cottages, I also offer a limited number of buildings that I have made out of my personal favorite material, recycled aluminum cans.

Introducing Putz House Monthly, a joint venture between:

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North Pole: The Wonderful Putz Houses of Steven Leeds

I've met another generous designer who is willing to share his designs! Steven Leeds designs traditional Putz buildings using CAD and cuts them out of chipboard. He was posting his patterns in PDF form in a Facebook group we both belong to, and people began to ask for his files in SVG format. I volunteered to convert them so they would work in Cricut Design Space, and since Facebook wouldn't allow me to share SVGs, host the files on my site. Steven has plans to increase his North Pole Village, and I will add additional patterns into my library when he does. Steven has given me his permission to change...

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Make Your Own Brick Stencil or Embossing Folder

I love to use brick and stone textures on my aluminum can buildings. Recently, Meg Danforth posted a picture of her version of the January Putz House Monthly Post Office in our new Facebook group, and I immediately wanted to remake the building with a brick texture out of aluminum cans. Meg used a stencil and Tim Holtz Distress grit paste to make her bricks as she made her building out of cardboard. To achieve a similar look with aluminum cans, I need to use an embossing folder. However, I have been unhappy with the commercial brick embossing folders I have found as the bricks are very large and the...

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3D Evergreen Trees

Trees add interest to your holiday village, and 3D trees add depth. You can glue them onto your bases, or scatter them around between your houses. Many people like to use pre-made sisal trees. While you can get them in various sizes, every tree looks the same to me. I want more variety. So I started to make 3D trees by taking 2D tree cutting dies and folding and gluing them together. They are super simple to make and I like the look I get from them. If you subscribe to Cricut Access you will find many different tree patterns you can use. You will just need to add your...

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