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Welcome To A Cottage in the Forest. On this website my goal is to give you everything you need to make your own Halloween or Holiday Village using whatever materials are at your disposal. You can make your cottages out of cardboard, cardstock, recycled aluminum cans, or even recycled frozen food boxes! This site offers unique free patterns, as well as reviews, links and sizing guides to patterns offered by other sources. We will explore various ways to add snow and windows. I also offer accessories like trees, fences, animals and mailboxes that will make your village come to life. 

For anyone who doesn’t want to make their own cottages, I also offer a limited number of buildings that I have made out of my personal favorite material, recycled aluminum cans.

Newest Tutorials

The Fairy House Collection

When Lucy asked me to design a fairy house for her Whimsical Fairy House Challenge, I decided that no fairy village was complete without at least one shop. So besides designing Viola Cottage, I also designed the Forest Fairy Bakery, which you can find in a bundle that Lucy is now offering for sale through her website called The Fairy House Collection - Fairy Houses for All Seasons. I have never participated in a collaboration like this before so I am quite excited! 

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Make Your Own Viola Cottage

My friend Lucy Foxworth of Paper Glitter Glue decided to have another challenge and asked me to design some buildings for it. This time the challenge is a Whimsical Fairy House Challenge. Lucy is releasing a different fairy house design every day for 12 days. I have committed to making two fairy house designs. I decided for the first of my buildings to give Sparrow House a fairy remodel. I knew I wanted to add flowers to my roof, and decided on violas as there are so many color combinations to choose from. For anyone who prefers pansies to violas, I include a pansy pattern too.

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Make Your Own Stone & Brick Arch Stencils

My friend Lucy Foxworth of Paper Glitter Glue has just announced her Whimsical Fairy House Challenge where she will post 12 different designs from May 5th to May 16th. I have committed to making two of the designs, and the first one I finished designing I used stone arches on my model. I searched all over the internet for a stone arch stencil design that I could use, and finally gave up and made my own. Then while discussing my pattern with Cheryl, who often tests my patterns for me, she expressed an interest in making the arches out of brick instead of stone. Hence I have included a brick...

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Newest Additions to Store

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